Vega Crux Half Face Helmet (Black, M)

Vega Crux Half Face Helmet (Black, M)
Vega Crux Half Face Helmet (Black, M)
Vega Crux Half Face Helmet (Black, M)
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Product Description:-

  • Leather finish touch; Easy visor fitting; Dashing looks with texture shade peak; (Medium) 57-59cm.
  • The circumference of your head should be measured at a point approximately one inch above the eyebrows in front and at a point in the back of the head that results in the largest possible measurement
  • Take several measurements to make sure you have the largest one.Good ventilation with a neatly secured salient chin strap
  • Aerodynamic shell with a large eye port for greater visibility and also peripheral view, Scratch resistant
  • All helmets feel tight at first to meet safety requirements and foam takes time to adjust according to head size.
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